Frequently asked questions

Absolutely not, medication is ultimately the parent’s decision. If medication needs to be considered, it would be through a team approach to include parents and other members of the child’s treatment team.

Yes, parents play an important role on the treatment planning team. Parents know their child better than anyone. Input from parents is not only welcome, but desired.

Someone will contact you within 48 hours.  Following this call, a decision will be made whether an appointment for an assessment would be appropriate for your child. 

– Current insurance and/or Medicaid information
– Driver’s license
– Birth Certificate, if applicable
– Documentation from school, if any
– Names of any service providers and their assessments
– Any other documentation related to the concerns you have about your child
– Your child’s current and recent medications
– Contact information for your child’s primary care physician or any other clinician providing services to your child

A Master’s-level clinician will greet you upon your arrival and ask you to complete preliminary paperwork. You and your child will then meet the clinician. After the assessment, the assessment and referral staff will consult with you and make a recommendation for the appropriate level of care.

Every child and situation are unique, making every assessment unique. An assessment typically takes one to two hours depending on the concerns being addressed. Your input in your child’s assessment is a critical piece of the process. Please make arrangements to be present for the entire evaluation.

No, they do not. We will handle the communication with the school, in order to get them enrolled even if it is only for the purpose of attending BRIDGES.

If your child is a resident of the local school district, the school will provide transportation. During times that our program is open but school is not in session, we will provide transportation.  If your child lives outside the school district’s boundaries, we will evaluate transportation needs on a case-by-case basis. 

Our integrated, evidenced-based therapy treats serious emotional and/or behavioral problems in young people.  Our goal is to give children and youth a safe, supportive environment to heal, move forward and transition back to their school site.


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